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Do you video?

According to American Business Media (ABM blog) web video will be the most dominant global medium in a few years.

As a business executive, what are your plans to use web video as a sales/marketing/branding tool? Have you even thought about it? A lot of execs think of YouTube or GoogleVideo as the playground of 16-24 year olds - ala MySpace.

Mobile technology is continuing to revolutionize how we access data and entertainment. Consumers are taking more control of their own content, media, and buying environment everyday. You have to continue to get your message out without relying on the old tried and true techniques like network TV, outdoor, or radio. People skip past commercials with Tivo; they listen to iPods in the cars instead of talk radio; with crowded freeways @ 90MPH the last thing you need to catch your eye is a billboard.

What are you doing to make your message available to increasingly jaded consumers?

What are you doing to make them seek you out? Can they do it on their own schedule?

Or are you continuing to hope that they happen to be on the couch, watching the right channel, paying attention, without the latest Fast Company open and not channel surfing long enough to see your multimillion dollar 30 second spot?

Is it better to hunt with a shotgun or a scalpel?

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  1. # Blogger Chad Wright

    I was trying to explain this to a client just a few days ago. I love your scalpel vs. shotgun comment. So true.

    Image Blog  

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