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Brand ownership

I wanted to pass on some lessons I found on the "Own Your Brand!" blog:

The brand ownership lessons:
  • Brands are not made in a day. Stop asking your ad agency to crank one out for you.
  • However, brands ARE made one day at a time - like reputations. Find your “intentionality gene” and activate it.
  • Brands don’t turn on a dime, but they do in time. What took time to create, will take time to re-create.
The context was the brand perception issues that GM is facing. Most people still think of them as builders of inferior cars. Right or wrong that's the prevailing thought. They have put a lot of thought & money into re-becoming a premier brand worldwide. It is a long process. And it happens one interaction at a time, one new product at a time, and one ad at a time.

You cannot change your brand perception without careful thought and planning (or designing) the experience. Design is about more than fonts and colors; it's a thought process that considers customer needs, your unique elements, the marketplace, your visual equity, and your objectives.

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