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Design Process Primer

Great post from I'm anxious to follow the thread.

Since I've lived on both sides of the marketing world, client & agency, I'm still surprised at how many people make marketing decisions emotionally versus data-driven or strategically. I am constantly engaged in "I like" or "I feel" or "I think" conversations with clients. Not that personal thoughts are bad; it's just that creative decisions should be based on how well the project objectives/strategies are being met. Opinions are usually political. And politics are usually personal agendas, not necessarily what's best for the target audience.

A lack of understanding how the creative process works will always default to personal emotional requests. It's up to the creative world to show clients that the creative process is a purposeful series of ideas and refinements based on the knowledge of audience needs/likes, technical requirements, experience, and the nature of the problem to be solved. Not to mention the standard best practice application of fonts, colors, and white space. Wrap all of that up inside the client's brand guidelines (as well as project budget & timeline constraints) and you have the heart of the creative process.

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