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Seth Godin, David Armano, Cre8tive Group

A recent post by David Armano (Logic+Emotion) got me fired up about my company's value proposition. I've stayed away from this blog being a Cre8tive Group corporate pitch, but I also call out good work when I see it.

For the last two years we've used a combination of "Balance" and "You know it when you see it" as our external value propositions. Both David and Seth Godin have covered these topics recently. So mainly, I'm just pumped that my firm is thinking two years ahead of these industry heavyweights that we all look to as new media leaders.

Here is how we have tied the two thoughts together:

(image source:

Seth takes a different approach. He doesn't believe people know it when they see it. I partly agree because the vast majority of people are not visionary thinkers. They have a hard time seeing something that is outside of their box. Over the years we've become pretty good at reading between the lines with our clients. Once we understand their business, their audience and their goals; we don't need to be told exactly what to do. By balancing those tensions above, we often have clients look up during an engagement and say "that's it, you nailed it". That's what we mean when we say "you know it when you see it". Most clients seem to like and appreciate that approach. And even if they cannot "see it", they like to think that they can.

Like a lot of small firms, we are constantly trying to separate ourselves from the competition. One of the biggest things that set us apart is the fact that we only work with 8 clients at a time. That's how much we value quality over quantity. It's about giving our clients the level of service and thought required to make a difference. We've also leveraged the 8 symbol across a lot of our communication touches. It's a unique way to bring consistency to our materials.

We're betting on the fact that great experiences along with a consistent image & promise will improve our brand.

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