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The right priorites

This image from Hugh Macleod got me thinking.

Trust in a seller/customer relationship truly is paramount. Big advertising blew it - people are sick of being screamed at. Big business blew it - employment for life? The social media push is all about trust. It's an amplified globe-shrinking Word of Mouth push. It is about customers taking back control and recognizing the power of their tribe.

I've seen it happen a thousand times - and I'm guilty of it myself. Once a creative firm (in-house or outside) sells a new idea; the client usually jumps right into "so how are we going to do it". I've always thought they should be more concerned about ensuring their brand is elevated in the eyes of the customer instead of the technical details. I'm sure the thought process is "if I understand how it's going to work, I'll be able to know if it's right".

Most clients are focused on the wrong thing and it's puts them at a disadvantage that is next to impossible to overcome. Focus on what your customer wants to hear (the why), not the technology (the what or how). Focus on solving the true business problem that's prompting you to market/publicize/advertise/etc... Be brave enough to peel back the layers and write an honest creative brief. Make trust a priority.

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