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Expanding my reach

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be blogging on the blog as well. A little backstory; while surfing around I came upon Yaro's blog the day that he announced that he was looking for 2 additional writers to grow the blog. So I threw my name in the hat and was accepted.

We are building a nice team of international writers with experiences from big business to entrepreneurs on SBB. The goal is to share information and best practices about all things branding and marketing. It's geared toward small business. But that's a broad category, so there will be valuable content for everyone.

As soon as my posts start to go live, I'll let you know.

Check it out. We're also going to work on a site redesign so that it's easier to navigate through the multiple authors.

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  1. # Anonymous Yaro

    Great to have you on board Nick. What I'm thinking is we can turn Small Business Branding into a style site with the multiple authors clearly identified with photos etc.

    I just need to get the cash flow saved up to cover the design work. Hopefully once we have cemented our relationship after the trial period we can make the changes.  

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