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Are blogs in your corporate strategy?

Still think the blogosphere is just for early adopter fringe web users?

Think again. Check out some of the stats in this article.
  • YouTube traffic doubles monthly
  • MySpace is bigger than Yahoo
  • Blogs can drive explosive growth or outrage
  • Revolutionize customer service programs
  • Senior citizens are the fastest growing blog population
User generated content or free for all communication; call it what you like but blogging and social media networks have really grown into their own over the last 12 months. Companies are launching new 3o second commercials solely on YouTube instead of paying $$ for network airtime. Fortune 5oo companies use MySpace to launch products to highly influential young adults w/ billions of dollars of purchasing power.

When a customer is happy enough or mad enough to talk about your product or service you should pay attention. In fact, you should encourage the conversation. That's what web 2.0 is all about. The tables are turned and if you're not taking the lead you will be left behind. Your audience is too savvy. They demand control over their experience with your brand and the ability to speak out about it - good and bad.

You cannot control your brand. You can only hope to guide it's direction by knowing who you are, who your customers are, what they want, and who you want to be to them. If you think the world is small; the gap from CEO to customer is tiny. You don't need a million dollar research program; just start a blog and pay attention.

The truth is that they're already talking. They always have been. Read more...

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  1. # Blogger Olivier Blanchard

    Excellent post, Nick. I didn't know that about seniors. That's huge.  

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