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Why Ad Agencies don't advertise

Great post by Simon Sinek

Like a lot of industry folks, I've thought that the mega ad agency model has been declining for a while. There are a ton of blog posts about it. You have to find a company that truly wants to help you grow your business - by whichever medium works best, not by the marketing medium that generates the greatest kickbacks. As an ex-Fortune 500 marketing manager, I saw my company go through ad agency after ad agency. Now granted they were, and are not the best at working w/ agencies. But they still spent multi-millions on ads that generated little to no direct impact on business performance.

The firm I'm with is more focused on delivering the tools you need to meet your goals/objectives. That may come in the form of an interactive sales presentation, online blog, magazine ads, whatever... The point is that the tools we create for our clients make a difference in their day-to-day operations. They are not 30 seconds spots that 99% of the viewing audience ignores, 100% of the non-viewing audience misses, and still makes the executives/employees feel better becuase they're on TV. Some people call us an ad agency, but we're not. Very few corporations in the world need the multi-million dollar branding campaigns. But a lot, if not all, companies need help getting through the day with better tools that the sales & marketing teams can use in the hand-to-hand combat they face every day.

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