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It's not about you....

Great post from Simon Sinek.

It's all too common for businesses to focus on their products or services instead of their customers. Here is a sample from Simon:

"Apple's iPod marketing serves as a good example. Apple states simply, "10,000 songs in your pocket." The message is all about the consumer's life or lifestyle. It's a very different message than "20 gigabyte mp3 player" which is a description of the product. Even if 20 GB is a good thing or 30 GB or 40GB, who cares if a consumer can't easily relate to and integrate it into their lives."

Most manufacturers focus on the wrong thing - your feature versus the consumer benefits or wants. You can include the technical features; just don't lead with them. Find those eight words, the hook, that resonate with your audience. The words that make them stop and pay attention. Talk about them, not about you.

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  1. # Blogger Chad Wright

    This fits in great with a conversation I had with a client the other day. It's a long thought, but it also has a dating parallel so I thought I would finally post it.


    Thanks for posting that great article.  

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