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Integrated Marketing picking up steam... again

David Armano talks about the iMedia Integrated Marketing How To Guide on the struggles of aligning multiple marketing projects across multiple channels. The key take away is that while it's difficult to maintain consistency, the companies that do will benefit from a unified message that is easily understood by consumers no matter how or where they decide to listen.

Your audience is too busy to expect a huge ROI from a one touch campaign. And they're too busy to put together the pieces from disparate multi-touch campaigns themselves. They really don't care about your products or services until you convince them that you can make their life/business issues go away.

You really have to push your unique value prop out across a lot of different marketing vehicles (consistently of course) so that it's easily digested by your audience when they're ready. It's a waste of time & money to put all of your marketing/branding eggs in one basket.

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