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Measuring impact of design on business

A couple of recent posts on measurement caught my attention (DMI event) and (UK DesignCouncil study).

It seems that companies that put an emphasis on design are elevating above commodity status. That makes sense. I know a lot of talk has gone into iPods. But for years now there have been smaller, cheaper, and arguably better MP3 players on the market; but Apple is by far the 800lb gorilla in the marketplace.

Design is about more than the look & feel or colors of a product. It's a purposeful thought process that goes into making every aspect of the user experience better. It's VW understanding that silicon-dampened grab handles are nicer than the ones that just slap back against the headliner. It's Rally's understanding that two drive-throughs are better than one. It's Nike. It's the Aeron mesh chair. It's Starbucks versus Seattle's Best. It's Target versus K-Mart.

Companies that integrate design thinking are more profitable because it usually costs the same to manufacture a designed widget versus a not. Customers want to love their purchases. Good design does that. It starts conversations. It creates profit - and that is infinitely measurable.

3 Responses to “Measuring impact of design on business”

  1. # Blogger Chad Wright

    I think this applies to products from large manufacturers, but also to mom and pop shops. Sure, they have no control over the products that are manufactured, but they do control their own design. Their brand image encompasses everything from the advertising down to the business cards. Design factors into every aspect of their image. Unfortunately, most small businesses don't realize the need for such though and effort.  

  2. # Anonymous jt winebrenner

    I would stick my neck out and say that most small businesses realize the need for design thought and effort. Most small businesses either don't understand how to implement design into their business, or they don't understand the value (which is what Nick is alluding to in his post).

    I am finding more and more that people either undervalue design, or simply can't see the value; kind of a "can't see the forest for the trees" scenario.  

  3. # Blogger Nick Rice

    I agree. ALL business can benefit from incorporating a good design focused thought process. A previous post said it best; most business people are just indifferent to design - and indifference is the greatest enemy.  

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