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The leap of faith (moving to Wordpress)...

Well, after a year of blogging I've decided to switch platforms to Wordpress. There are a lot of cool features and much easier management as the site grows. Unfortunately I lose all of my comments, my Technorati rank (which isn't huge, but hey it's better than nothing) and I have to ask a lot of people to update their blogroll.

So please join me as we move to:

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3 Responses to “The leap of faith (moving to Wordpress)...”

  1. # Blogger Chris Brown

    I've had folks recommend to me to move as well, but I haven't heard the compelling argument yet. Would you give me 3 top reasons you're moving?

    Meanwhile, I'll update my blogroll for your new site.
    Thanks, Chris  

  2. # Blogger Nick Rice

    Sure. Here are my reasons:

    1. Blogger has a lot of spam blogs and on the whole is not as respected as bloggers on other platforms.

    2. It's much easier to customize or switch the template with themes and widgets. Not to mention the plugins to fight spam.

    3. I wanted my own domain name (I know that Blogger supports this) and since I was switching I thought I'd do it right.

    I do wish I could keep my comments (Blogger Beta will not transfer cleanly to WP) and my Technorati rank.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

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