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Blogging on hold...

We've had good news and bad news in the family. First off, my wife and I welcomed a new baby boy into the family on Oct. 10. The bad news is that he was born with a heart defect and is waiting for surgery to repair it. It's a very fixable condition with little to no side effects after he makes it through the surgery.

For those of you that are medically-inclined, he has Transposition of the Great Arteries - not a walk in the park but a common heart condition. We are at the Cincinnati Childrens Hospital and are very impressed with the staff here. They are wonderful and are some of the best in this business.

So please keep him (and us) in your thoughts and prayers for the next few weeks.

We just want to get our little guy home safe and sound.

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  1. # Anonymous Jon Winebrenner

    Hi Nick:

    Fingers will definitely be crossed for you. I have a second coming any time (due Nov 1). I can't imagine the stress you are feeling right now.

    Best of luck!


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